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Nothing is really free! You will get likely get a trial CAD software upon registration. Some of the free programs will have certain functions disabled. Ask the vendor about imitations. Some good utilities are still free.
CAD Depot: Comprehensive CAD shareware resource offering hundreds of utilities for leading CAD software. Offerers weekly newsletter for keeping the subscribers uptodate on new CAD upgrades.

Sketchup: A 3D CAD software by google
Cocreate: A free personal edition 3D CAD modeler by Cocreate that also offers high end CAD software.
Aliber Design Express: A free personal edition of their commercial engineering software that includes advanced parametic capabilities.
PowerSHAPE-e:A wireframe modeller by Delcam that allows industrial designers, to view, experiment with and comment on CAD.  Advanced features are priced.
CAD X11: An elementary CAD software that offers its basic version for free while complete software is priced.
SolidEdge: Free 2D drafting version of a comprehensive engineering CAD software from a recognized compnay. Link to SolidEdge
CADVANCE: To remain a player in the CAD market, the company desides to provide its software for free! Link to CADVANCE
CadStd: An elementary CAD software that offers its basic version for free while complete software is priced.

BRL-CAD: An open source cross-platform solid geometry solid modeling software that includes an interactive geometry editr and rendering capabilities. Beta version still under development.

Draft IT: A general purpose software. Elementary functions are offered as free while advanced function version is priced. Draft IT
VectorEngineer: A basic CAD program for doing simple stuff. The Pro version includes additional features and is reasonably priced. VectorEngineer
DesignWorkshop: A fast, fun and free tool for creating 3D models, images from sketches to presentations. Lite version is free, complete version is low priced. DesignWorkshop
AllyCAD: Basic functiionality of CAD is offered as free while structural, mechanical and other engineering featured software is priced. Allycad

APM Graph LV: Light version of 2D graphical editor with parametrization tools. Light version is distributed free for education purpose and for state organization.

APM Graph LV
Freebite: Directry of various CAD and other software Directry listing of more free software
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